There is only one "foreign" language I'm somewhat fluent in:
the language of the Soul.

If you've ever studied a foreign language, you've probably had the experience of being a bit disoriented.  Learning to speak, read or write a new language ignites new activity in your brain.

This is true even when you're leaning the Language of Your Soul.  

Learning a New Language

What does it mean to listen to, understand, translate the unique expressions of the Soul?  I wanted to know! At first to know my Self. To answer what felt like a deep longing, a desire to find inner-peace,
self-trust and authentic self expression. My study began early, and took many a winding turn, and I am sure will continue for the rest of my days.

Soul is not something you can truly discover through a book.  It doesn't exist "out there" in someone else's information or how-to's.  Your Soul is unique to you, and only you.  There are similarities in how it expresses from one person to the next, but the uniqueness of its meaning is as rare as your fingertips.

After more than 30 years of my own discoveries, and nearly 20 years of guiding thousands of women and men to do the same for themselves, something I eventually discovered is this: 

It doesn't take years and years to begin to reap from your Soul's wealth and wisdom. Your Soul Is Here for You NOW, perhaps waiting for you to listen, understand and translate the riches that are available to you.

Beginning with the simplest, most direct expressions of Soul -- that you can start learning (or remembering) today.  It's truly liberating to discover this foreign-familiar-forgotten language!  And ~ Once you begin to listen to your own Soul, and translate its wisdom, you will forever have inner-knowing to guide you in every area of your life.

Where to begin?

First let's look at some the ways the soul speaks.  There is no "one way" to learn this language, to listen to your soul. Notice which seem familiar to you, how you've been moved or inspired by these:
  •  Dreams, especially the dreams you have while sleeping
  •  Fantasies and imagination
  •  Storytelling, the kind that transcends in the telling like myths and fairytales
  •  Softened senses
  •  Creativity
  •  Symbols and images
  •  Intuition
  •  Dance, music, art, poetry
  •  Prayer and meditation

Begin by looking at this introductory list.
Notice which you feel drawn to. Does anything here seem natural to you?
Choose one.
Then set some time aside each day with it. It doesn't have to take a great deal of time. Perhaps you'll begin with 10 minutes to...

  • Write down notes from a dream. 

  • Journal about a fantasy. 

  • Watch a film that tells an epic tale.

  • Buy an art pad and colored pencils -- and draw something that you saw that day, something that moved you or delighted, or intrigued you.

  • Dance in whatever way your body wants to move. (like no one's watching... and there's no tempo or steps except what you're inspired to do as you breathe and listen and allow your body to dance.)

Begin where you are, your Soul will meet you there.

This may sound simple, and it is. I encourage you to begin a new way of creating success in your life. Begin by exploring the language of your soul.
Till next time, my friend, Breathe Full and Let Yourself Expand into the Most Glorious Expression of You Possible!


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    Tambra Harck

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