Years ago, I stood on the edge of Mendocino bluffs in northern California. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the sound of the waves against the rugged rocks that line this coastal terrain has always nourished my soul. This day, as I stood on the edge, I gazed out beyond the reach of the sea, to the long arc of the horizon where I could sense, perhaps for the first time, the sky coming down to meet the earth.

In a sweeping moment, I sensed the sky reaching not just out there in the distance, but here where I stood and beyond in all directions.

    A stillness.
    A peace.
    A vibrant wakefulness in quiet reserve.

For years I described this moment as Presence. Until I discovered that this was the experience of Love. I stood there in
the midst of a kiss between heaven and earth, breathing in through each pore, emanating through each cell: Love.

The phrase Emergent Women, in part, represents this integration of masculine and feminine, human and divine, vibrant and still.

Hence, the silhouette of a woman's body as she stands in the filtered light at the edge of the sea is just a whisper of the energy and experience we create along the Soul Journey of Emergent Women. We are so much more than this, and simply this.



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    Tambra Harck

    I appreciate that you, too, have a sense of "calling" to serve the world in this profound time of great change, to bring your voice, your heart and vision, your expression of divine, in service to your life, and to the world around us.

    You are essential to the evolving, transformational shift happening in the world today. And you are not alone in it.

    More than coaching, retreats and community, Emergent Women is a movement.

    Let's shine a light, expanded consciousness, into the new and ancient unfolding mythology that we are birthing into Life.

    You are a new kind of woman.

    Alive with
    Power and

    Living Your Life,
    Serving Our World.

    It Is Time.


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