Pain and happiness are simply conditions of the ego.
                                                        ~ Lao Tsu
Ah, our powerful, subtle, talented, resourceful, persistent egos. So easy it can be to blame the ego, finger point and declare it out of control, and the root of all that is unkind, unfair, unjust, unconscious. So easy. And yet not of true service.

Were we to Love...
Were we to love even the most frightened ego, the most apathetic expressions of ego, the greedy and control-hungry being-ness of ego...

Simply Love all that and all that comes from it, and all that brought it to pass... Were we to Simply bathe our selves in Love; and not with the intention to wipe out ego or its compulsion to survive and thrive; but rather simply to Love all that Is.

Were I to, were you, were each of us to, Bathe Our Egos in Love, the wars we know and perpetuate would cease. All that has developed by the craft and friskiness that ego can muster is still developed. Your love of learning. Your talents for tasks or engineering. Your orientation to what is pain, what is happiness, shift.
Now, we are, each of us, emanations of Love.

I once sat at my altar, completing a meditation, and asked that I may know that which I have not been loving. My intention was that as I saw, felt, knew, whatever it was that I had been unconsciously perceiving as unlovable, I would Love even that.

Over the next few days, I heard echos, saw reflections, of bits and pieces of myself, and Life, that I had not only not been loving, I had been refusing to love. As perceived answers to my request, I unteased the lies I'd been seeing as real, and shifted to Love. It wasn't always pleasant or easy to see that I wasn't as loving as I may have wanted to believe myself to be. Yet, I was shifting through Love.

A few nights later, I awoke from a dream. Something stirred in me, something unsettling. I heard the words, as if speaking from a dream, "Apologize for my mere existence." It was my voice I heard.

Oh. I knew this quiet, desperate ego voice so well. But never had I heard or said or felt the full blow of the words against my face and chest.

Gasping for air.
Apologize for my mere existence.
There in the dark of night, I at up in bed, disoriented, frightened.

Apologize for my mere existence.
At first I heard the words and felt them as the instruction they sound like.

Then. I heard them as an answer to my request. This is what I have not been loving. I have not been loving this voice or self or ego-part that believes it (and hence, I) am not worthy of living.

"Oh, you, dear one. I hear you and all the pain you believe yourself to be. I see how you believe you are now and have always been the source of pain and shame.

You (I) may at times be frightened and

I see your crying eyes, and dab away your tears. I kiss your forehead. I cradle you in my loving arms. I do not know if you will ever allow yourself to truly receive my Love.

I Love You.

I feel your breath begin to ease, your eyes to open and your body relax into me, as we release into Love."

Throughout my own life this illusive, persistent belief used stories and circumstances to reinforce it's point-of-view. ("See, I'm unloved and unlovable... this proves it!") Never had I heard it and responded with Love.

There's a disorientation we often experience when we choose a new response to a long held belief or pattern. Neuro-scientists may tell us that new connections are being formed in the brain, and well-formed ones rerouted. Words are not sufficient to express this mind-body-soul experience, and the healing that is occurring.

As Lao Tsu's quote says, pain and happiness are conditions of the ego. Love transcends and transforms all that is or has been. Blessed Be

Spiritual mentor, author and inspirational speaker, Tambra Harck, guides clients and audiences to empower themselves through accessing their innate wisdom, creativity and true desire. Her warm and insightful nature makes her a powerful speaker, often creating unexpected ahas and expanded possibility.  One of Tambra's passionate missions is to facilitate soul-level transformation with visionary leaders to create new definitions and experiences of success in the world today.



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