More and more, I am aware of the contrast of the woman I once knew myself to be, the one I am now, and the one I am becoming.

It's something each of us, as Emergent Women, experience along our Soul Journeys.

You look in the mirror of the past and see yourself with eyes of compassion and understanding you didn't know were possible.

Maybe there's a moment when you notice you are allowing yourself to be supported, loved, received in ways you didn't know you could. Or You get a glimpse of the GRACE that is this LIFE!

The other night, as I lay in bed, I noticed the curve of my back was caressed by the mattress. My body felt held. I allowed myself to experience the feeling as I rested into sleep. Ahh, I wish for you this much grace and more.

Your ambition, the speeding up of time, the vision unfolding in you, they are are so much a part of the gifts you bring to Life; and knowing that some times the greatest service you can be to all you desire is to Simply Relax into Love.

The energy of Love, limitless and expansive love. It is the most transformational, transmutational energy in all the Universe. It will serve you, my friend, support and expand you, beyond your limitations.

You have a sense of "knowing" that is greater than what you've learned. Beyond what you think, feel or sense, your intuition is unique to you. The way you sense into it, and how you translate it, can seem like you're discovering a new language as you're first speaking it.
And yet, there are some easy practices that you can use to help yourself "learn your language."
Here's one you may want to try:
When pondering a question or making a decision:

    Tambra Harck

    I appreciate that you, too, have a sense of "calling" to serve the world in this profound time of great change, to bring your voice, your heart and vision, your expression of divine, in service to your life, and to the world around us.

    You are essential to the evolving, transformational shift happening in the world today. And you are not alone in it.

    More than coaching, retreats and community, Emergent Women is a movement.

    Let's shine a light, expanded consciousness, into the new and ancient unfolding mythology that we are birthing into Life.

    You are a new kind of woman.

    Alive with
    Power and

    Living Your Life,
    Serving Our World.

    It Is Time.


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