The inherently feminine process is organic, often spirally, uncovering depth through your connection to the earth, your love, your vision and your desire to serve -- to serve yourself, your family, your clients and the world.

Divine Feminine is a deep well of wisdom, available to you through your body, intuition, and creative expression.

Tapping into the resources and wisdom in the well, requires that we move into unlit, unfamiliar, and often taboo places. The process can feel disorienting and frightening at times. We can easily judge it, and "Her,"  as unproductive, “touchy-feely,” consumptive, controlling, unruly, unraveling.

It’s messy, chaotic, far from linear or logical.

We've all heard of the Hero's Journey...

He leaves the familiarity and comfort of home, off on an adventure, following a map or clues from one challenge to next.

He rides a stallion or carries a sword (or a light-saber) or nothing more than a nap-sack. He is in search of a treasure, a rainbow, a challis, his soul. He sets off to conquer demons, save the world, to destroy a death-star. Or in the case of the quintessential Neo in The Matrix movie trilogy, to undo the false illusion that holds all of humankind captive.

    Tambra Harck

    I appreciate that you, too, have a sense of "calling" to serve the world in this profound time of great change, to bring your voice, your heart and vision, your expression of divine, in service to your life, and to the world around us.

    You are essential to the evolving, transformational shift happening in the world today. And you are not alone in it.

    More than coaching, retreats and community, Emergent Women is a movement.

    Let's shine a light, expanded consciousness, into the new and ancient unfolding mythology that we are birthing into Life.

    You are a new kind of woman.

    Alive with
    Power and

    Living Your Life,
    Serving Our World.

    It Is Time.


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