You have a sense of "knowing" that is greater than what you've learned. Beyond what you think, feel or sense, your intuition is unique to you. The way you sense into it, and how you translate it, can seem like you're discovering a new language as you're first speaking it.
And yet, there are some easy practices that you can use to help yourself "learn your language."
Here's one you may want to try:
When pondering a question or making a decision:
  • Plant your feet in the ground.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply, getting present in your body. It may require a few minutes of calm, conscious breathing, especially if you've worked yourself into a flurry or you're not accustomed to being present for your breath.
  • You may wish to place one hand on your belly.
  • Imagine that beneath your feet, you can tap into the earth, deep into the center of the earth. Notice if this connection (yes, even your imagination is REAL connection,) alters your posture or your thoughts or sensations any way.
  • Now ask your question. And listen. Observe, quietly until you get a sense or idea an answer. You can choose to activate your "knowing" ... And will improve with practice.
With your intuition, you might: Find lost items. Select the elevator that will open next. Choose a business coach or a spiritual mentor. "See" the solution to a problem. Avoid a dangerous encounter (or possible accident.) Brainstorm for the benefit of someone else. Develop self trust. The list goes on and on! (I'd love to hear from you how your intuition is serving you. Will you share?)
Keep Track
I also suggest you keep an ongoing journal to record how you experience your intuition, what is it telling you, and how you’re responding to it, as well as what unfolds.
Keep Going
Over the course of 21-49 consecutive days, at least three times each day, intentionally listen to your intuition, and let it guide you.
Let Go
Intuition is not like mathematics. It may not be precise, especially as you're discovering the nuances. Let go of any notion that it could fail you, or that you could fail it.

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