A movement is underway~ at this time of great change.
    Greater than you have even anticipated.

The time is here~

    Here for you,
    for all of humankind,
    to evolve into divine consciousness.

    Together we stand strong and flexible
    in Love
    and Power
    and Beauty
    and Grace.

    And we change the world.

    This is for us to do.

    Emergent Women have lived the driven, focused, masculine way.

    Then come home to Soul, Body, Wholeness.
    Now, Emergent, we Live, Lead, Love aNew.

    I ...
    ... Usher you to your own heart.
    ... Guide you to your soul.
    ... Deliver you to the radiant light that will illuminate your world.

It is the Life-force that you are meant to bring into full expression.
Being your full SELF will end suffering.
You will end hunger.
You will end atrocities against the earth and
other people, animals and the air.

You will end self-defeating acts of doubt, cruelty and abandonment.

Together, and on our own.
This is for us to do.

    I invite you to join me.


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    Tambra Harck

    I appreciate that you, too, have a sense of "calling" to serve the world in this profound time of great change, to bring your voice, your heart and vision, your expression of divine, in service to your life, and to the world around us.

    You are essential to the evolving, transformational shift happening in the world today. And you are not alone in it.

    More than coaching, retreats and community, Emergent Women is a movement.

    Let's shine a light, expanded consciousness, into the new and ancient unfolding mythology that we are birthing into Life.

    You are a new kind of woman.

    Alive with
    Power and

    Living Your Life,
    Serving Our World.

    It Is Time.


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